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India – Nepal: Old Book, New Chapter

May the friendship between India and Nepal live long, and may Nepal rise higher than the Himalayas, were Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words while addressing the Constituent Assembly of Nepal in 2014. Being the first foreign leader to be addressing the assembly and the constitution drafting committee of Nepal he had expressed India’s desire to…
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Smart Power at Play

The International Solar Alliance aptly demonstrates the value of soft power in the pursuit of a specific initiative. It is India's chance to lead the climate change challenge The distribution of global power is rapidly evolving, precipitating far-reaching economic and political changes affecting nations of every size and standing, reads the introductory sentence of the…
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Key Aspects of India’s Revitalised Foreign Policy

A few days ago, we witnessed an unprecedented sight on Rajpath that would have been unimaginable some years ago: all ten leaders of the ASEAN nations being welcomed as Chief Guests for India’s Republic Day Parade. In fact, from the moment the leaders of all our neighbouring countries were invited to the swearing-in ceremony of…
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